The conversation about binary options lasted almost half an hour. He could not say that he would be entertained, but he also did not want to go anywhere else-especially because, apart from his friend, he did not know anyone here, so he had no choice but to stay by his side and see for once how Ondra is leading the company that dominates his class. And although Alfréd was slightly bored, he could not notice how Ondra was shining in this company. He was great – he looked incredibly good, smiling, entertained, and mastered the company around their table.
Entertainer of the Company
He was a complete gentleman, spoke to everyone who addressed him, and seemed to be able to react to any subject that was on the table. Against the fact that Ondra had behaved at alfréd's philosophical parties, he had to admit that this was a turnover of one hundred and eighty degrees.