Every year the same thing. In winter, fourteen days in a crowded mountain resort and in the summer of the second fortnight in a crowded seaside resort. And you'd love to have something romantic. But it's got a catch. Your soul would run out on the hillside and lay down under the ceiling in the evening. Your body doesn't even want to be under the tent. So what about it?
Luxury Romance
Remember how your grandmother told you how it was on the farm? You listened and imagined the beauty when the cows were pating in the morning and the horses were cheated. Why not live it? But you have the advantage. You don't have to work on the farm, just enjoy. You will experience your dream in chalets and cottages for rent. Freshly brewed milk and homemade cheese, as well as a bubble bath and soothing massage in the evening. Isn't that a dream?