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Colorful and varied offer Na Relaxačné, bellacqua spa AJ Kúpeľné hotels in the Tatras nágo to Nachom Portáli. It's a ponuka from a špecialist on this type of caring. Choose a suitable program, but, of course, the appropriate destinácia. To the motorway is Viac ako sto Hotelov, where SA about each of the skeds Postarajú.
Hotels in Tatras-wellness, relax, športové activities
Long weekend stays plan Možnosky, ako sa dostať to the well-being, Ako doprič rôzne relaxačné and wellness techniques and therapies or Rôzne kúpeľné procedúry. This is the matter of caring for the restoration of the physical and mental Strat, although combined with najrôzmost šport activities.