Offer of renting of interesting recreational objects

If you cannot decide and agree on the location with your family or friends at home, click on our website to read about each of these areas enough information for tips on excursions and cultural and natural beauties in the Czech Republic and Slovakia! We offer chalets and cottages for rent in every corner of these countries!
Everything for the customer!

If you still do not know the advice and need to clarify some information, call us on our hotline 608 77 55 82 and the friendly operator will answer each of your questions regarding the services of the cottage and cottage for rent!

Drawer switches as an interesting decoration

To create a pleasant environment it is possible to use everything that can be captivating in the interior. From this there are home accessories that have a great influence on the overall prompting of each space. They are involved in creating an environment where colorful accents and imaginable design play prim. Someone may be surprised to get involved in this interesting game as well as the practical equipment that is the home electrical wiring. Getting acquainted with the French brand Schneider electric opens the eyes to everyone. Thanks to her products you will see beauty even where you have not yet been looking for it.
Discover the hidden potential of home electrical installation
Electrical installation devices for normal use are not only necessary equipment of any interior. The offer of the e-shop focused on products of the French company Schneider Electric proves that even practical things can take their appearance and become such an interesting decoration. The model series of outlets for switches and other important elements are thus a showcase of exquisite design and unusual colour. Everyone has the opportunity to choose a design that finds a common language with the environment. Now you will recognize that even in the little bones there is a great force hidden.

Sport will be joy

Enjoy your sporting activities to the fullest, and in the right clothes you will not limit anything. Try the brand of Silvini and you will feel the difference. A perfectly fitting outfit allows you to concentrate on your athletic performance much more. We guarantee you that in choosing the right size you will not be cut anywhere, nowhere to be felt and obstructing, simply fall like a shell.
The right thing for bikers
It is simply a dream brand of every cyclist, amateur and professional. We offer you clothing from high-functional material, in which you will feel comfortable in any weather. A pleasant bonus is reflective elements, thanks to which no one will miss you even during the evening ride. And the choice is really wide, for summer and winter, for both men and women, just choose the color and cut in which you feel comfortable.

Quality bedroom Furniture

Would you like to have a really good quality bed at home in which you would really have a good rest? Then we would have a very interesting and favorable offer for you, which you will surely like to use. We offer you quality beds and airports that will be the dominant of your bedroom or room and have a perfect rest on them. You'll see that you won't find a better airport anywhere, because in addition to the quality and modern look we also offer low prices along with the best services!
Best Prices
In addition to a quality bed you are also looking for a good price because you do not have too much money that you could afford to invest? Then we are very pleased to help you, because in our warehouses and in our offer you can discover beautiful products that fit perfectly into your interior and pay only a small amount for them? Then we are here for you, if you have any question, then do not hesitate to ask us.

Hotels in Tatras

Ak you have the envy of Seba Cielene starlet and you do not clean to seba time, so scooter caring, ktorú you will enjoy. Scooter weekend stays, where you recharge Energiu, and come back to you a good mood.
Colorful and varied offer Na Relaxačné, bellacqua spa AJ Kúpeľné hotels in the Tatras nágo to Nachom Portáli. It's a ponuka from a špecialist on this type of caring. Choose a suitable program, but, of course, the appropriate destinácia. To the motorway is Viac ako sto Hotelov, where SA about each of the skeds Postarajú.
Hotels in Tatras-wellness, relax, športové activities
Long weekend stays plan Možnosky, ako sa dostať to the well-being, Ako doprič rôzne relaxačné and wellness techniques and therapies or Rôzne kúpeľné procedúry. This is the matter of caring for the restoration of the physical and mental Strat, although combined with najrôzmost šport activities.

Grandma will live with you

You have a grandmother in Prague who wants to spend a pension in the countryside. She would like to move to you, but you have a small house with kitchen, living room and two bedrooms. One of the bedrooms serves as a children's room. You suggest to grandma that he can move to you, but he still has to live in Prague for a while. With your spouse you have opened the old plans you are now realizing. Your house will be the attic. Construction will limit the operation of the whole household, and grandma will have in the city for a period of rebuilding better comfort.
Accelerate the attic build-up
We are specialists in the RoofLITE roof window industry.

High-altitude work with our machines

Do you do business and need to work at heights? Try to rent our platforms. We are responsible for their quality. Regular service checks ensure that all our machine park is in perfect shape. You can order them today. Both via our website and directly at our company headquarters. We rent the machines at favourable price conditions.
Handle even the most demanding terrain
Of course, we do not offer our customers only one type of platform. You can choose from a really large number of machine types. You can rent machines that will make it easier to work in halls or machines that are able to work on sped or otherwise distorted substrates. We offer both diesel and battery powered machines.

The most beautiful jewel

Wedding rings will be worn by both man and woman for a whole life, until the end of his marriage. It follows that it is very important not to neglect the right choice, which must stand for it and which you definitely may not underestimate. Only in this way can you choose a jewel that will perfectly express your beautiful love and which perfectly seals your entire marriage as such.
Breath taking Quality
With us you will find the most beautiful wedding rings, you can even be sure that you'll love them thanks to the perfect price, and also thanks to the sheer quality they provide you. You can look forward to the first-class pieces that will be perfectly suited to you and your life partner. With us you can be assured of true quality and satisfaction.

High quality Chair

Things that we often neglect and neglect can influence work performance. Such apparent little things with far-reaching consequences are also office chairs used especially in the daily multi-hour session.
The quality of products intended for healthy seating is very important. Quality office chairs from the B2B partner E-shop offer are exactly what suits the long-term session. In addition to upholstered designs or types with mesh supports, the bidders will also find products that are completely specialized, supporting active movement.
High quality office chair
The offer of E-shop is wide enough to find all those who sit at work every day and want to feel comfortable every day. Modern office chairs meet all the criteria of healthy seating and all demands for quality.

Sofas only from quality materials

We offer many kinds of furniture, for example, rollers, beds, sofas, tables, desks, children's furniture, bedroom and living room furniture, furniture for the hallway and much more. A sofa set is very important in every apartment.
The seating set usually includes a large seat, and you can also buy a couple of seats to be tuned to it. It depends on how many people you normally meet in your home, if you have frequent visits, and also how great the room is.

Miscellaneous materials
The seating set can be made of different materials. Everyone has their strengths and good qualities. It also depends on whether you have children, animals, and how you will be treated with the seat. This is also related to the color picker. It should be practical for you, and at the same time come to the rest of the furniture and the appearance of the room.